One of a Kind Ceremony

$550/ $650 for a personalized Wedding Ceremony  that can be religious  or secular; the ceremony can be as long or as short as you wish! This option is for couples who want to be involved in the planning process so that the ceremony truly reflects your shared vision and dreams, as well as your history together.  The possibilities are as open as you are!  The higher price applies if you want your unique Love Story included!

Rehearsals held in the venue an hour before the ceremony are included in the price.

Short & Sweet Ceremony
$450 for a standard  Wedding Ceremony  that can be religious or  secular. This option is for those who want a short ceremony  that is heart-felt and personal but who want to be minimally involved in the planning process. It may surprise you that my version of a "Standard Ceremony" is what many other Wedding Officiants would describe as "Personalized"; your ceremony will not feel "cookie cutter" at all as my style is warm and highly personal.  Rehearsals held in the venue an hour before the ceremony are included in the price.

Short & Sweet & Photography Package
This option is for couples  who do not have a  photographer but who would like to have professional portraits as a record of their special day. I can provide couple shots and  posed bridal party/family shots before or after the ceremony. If you have booked a Short & Sweet Ceremony, for an additional $200 per hour for the first two hours and $100 per hour after that, you can have professional group shots, couple poses and  reception candids.  You will  receive all images, high res, copy right free, on a DVD or USB, within three weeks of the wedding. Please visit to see the quality of  my work


Kiss & Promise Ceremony
This $350 option is for couples who simply don’t like being in the limelight or who want the shortest ceremony possible, with no frills attached. The ceremony will follow a standard template (secular or religious) and can include an Entrance Procession, Consent, Vows, Rings, Pronouncement, First Kiss, Presentation and Recessional – all in about 10 minutes! You will get to see a copy of the ceremony at least two weeks ahead of time, so there will be no surprises!  You may have as many guests present as you wish.

Just  "I Do" & Elopements
$250-300 for Mini-Weddings. This option is for couples who want a private, intimate ceremony. You can have up to 2 guests  present, if the ceremony takes place in my office in downtown Chicago.  This may not be the Wedding  of your dreams but it is a more personal option than City Hall.  If I have to travel to your location,  my fee would be $300.

Script Only
This option is for couples who may want an absolutely unique ceremony, but have already selected a Wedding Officiant who may not be skilled in ceremony planning. My fee to create  your script, with your input, will depend upon how personalized you wish the ceremony to be, and how many meetings or conference calls are involved. 

Attendance Only
$200  to attend your ceremony when your Wedding Officiant is unlicensed in the State of Illinois.
This option is for couples who want a friend or family member to officiate, but are concerned about legalities. I will attend your ceremony, preside over the legalities, and take care of signing and filing the paperwork. Your  Wedding Officiant will do the rest! I can also, for an additional fee, help with creation of the script and with "preparing" your Wedding Officiant to lead the ceremony.

Please note that my fee for attending rehearsals is $100, and that travel fees /parking fees may apply. Go to Ceremony Details (under Ceremony Choices on the Navigation Bar) for more information.

Wedding Officiating Options for 2017 

Starting at $450 for a  Short & Sweet Ceremony  to  $550-$650 for  a One of a Kind Ceremony .

  I also offer marriage coaching  before and after you tie the knot,

as well as officiating/photography packages for small weddings. 

Chicago Wedding Rites Wedding Minister

Dr. Elizabeth-Anne Stewart, Wedding Officiant