​​Please note that you are responsible for procuring your Marriage License at least 2 days before the ceremony; for details, visit  http://www.cookcountyclerk.com/vitalrecords/Pages/default.aspx ; I also officiate in other counties and states which have their own requirements. You have to obtain a license for the county in which you are getting married.  If  you do not present your license before the ceremony, I cannot legally officiate!   Parking fees, State Park fees, Museum fees etc. will be included in our agreement, along with any travel costs beyond 20 miles in each direction.
Wedding Ceremony  Rehearsal
$100 + travel costs, if any
Photography Packages
Full service wedding photography and mini-photography packages are available through The Artful Photographer, http://www.artfulphotographer.com     

Minimum of 2 hours. Please ask for details. 773-495-0228
Relationship Coaching ( in person meeting or phone conversation)
$125 for the first session; additional sessions:  $100 each. (Please note that these fees apply to couples at whose weddings I will be officiating).
Travel Beyond 20 Miles from Downtown

Travel within a 20 mile radius of downtown Chicago (starting point, The Art Institute) is included in my fee; travel beyond 20 miles will be billed at $1.50 per mile, both directions. For example, if the ceremony is to be held in Kildeer, IL and the distance from The Art Institute to the venue is 39 miles, my travel fee would be based on 38 miles (having subtracted 20 miles in each direction):  $57.00. Travel 100 miles beyond Chicago needs to be discussed on a case by case basis.

Chicago Wedding Rites Wedding Minister

Dr. Elizabeth-Anne Stewart, Chicago Wedding Officiant

$450 for a standard  Wedding Ceremony that can be religious or secular. This option is for those who want a short ceremony  that is heart-felt and personal but who  want to be minimally involved in the planning process.   

A "Short & Sweet" ceremony includes:
* Your names will be used throughout the ceremony
        * Your choice of a secular, spiritual or religious ceremony
        * You get to choose one reading, either from my list or one you yourselves have found
        * You can include a traditional ritual such as The Rose Ceremony, The Sand Ceremony, The Unity Candle or Jumping the Broom....
        * Pre-set Welcome, Consent, Exchange of Rings, Final Blessing and Pronouncement 
        * Standard Vows or Personal Vows -- your choice!
        * You get to see a draft of the ceremony at least two weeks before your wedding
        * Contact by phone and email as necessary.

Short & Sweet Ceremonies

One of a Kind Ceremonies

$550/ $650 for a personalized Wedding Ceremony that can be religious or secular; the ceremony can be as long or as short as you wish! 

 A "One of a Kind" ceremony includes:
*  A 1-1.5 hour planning meeting in downtown Chicago
        * Phone conversations and email exchanges in response to drafts of the ceremony.
        * Your names and the names of any children will be used throughout the ceremony
        * Your choice of a Secular, Spiritual or Religious ceremony
        * A Theme that can be seamlessly woven throughout the ceremony
        * The inclusion of Cultural or Religious Elements/Traditions
        * The inclusion of other languages
        * Special mention of deceased parents, children you may have, significant people in your lives.... 
        * A "Welcome" tailor-made to your guests
        * A  "Processional" that can be as creative or traditional as you wish
        * Options for "The Giving Away" of Bride & Groom
        * Options for "The Consent"
        * Your choice of Readings and Readers
        * A completely personalized "Address" based on your input (ceremonies with this option are $650)
        * Personal Vows (or love letters) or standard vows or both!
        * One or two rituals of your choice which we can create from scratch or adapt from a standard ritual
        * Your choice of the final "Blessing"
        * A  "Recessional" that can be as creative or traditional as you wish
        * You get to see the first draft of the ceremony at least three weeks before your wedding
        * Contact by phone and email as necessary